We have developed a PV mounting system that is tailored to the needs of photovoltaic installers and users. The screw channel of our mounting profiles is probably the most obvious expression of this. The screw channel of our mounting profiles is probably the most obvious expression of this. The screw channel of our mounting profiles is probably the most obvious expression of this.

Profile and Cross Connectors

For installers, fast and efficient installation of solar systems is essential today. We have designed our mounting system so that many components, such as hanger bolts and roof hooks, are pre-assembled. This saves our partners valuable time and costs and thus enables economical installation.

Module Clamps

The standard of a well-designed and easy-to-assemble solar mounting system includes plug-in module center clamps and module end clamps, such as those available from ATP Solar Mountings.

All ATP Solar Mountings module center clamps and module end clamps, like many of our solar mounting components, come pre-assembled.

Roof Hooks

As a specialist in pitched roof mounting systems, we have placed great emphasis on broad, flexible applicability in the development of our roof hook range.

Our pre-assembled aluminum roof hooks are available in a heavy-duty, triple-adjustable variant and a lighter, double-adjustable variant. The connection to the roof is possible lengthwise and crosswise to the rafter.

All pantile roof hooks, plain tile roof hooks, or slate roof hooks provide for height adjustability thanks to slotted hole drilling. Additionally, some provide further height adjustment on the bracket itself. The Mounting Rails are fastened with the pre-assembled cross connector or a clamping plate. In any case, a quick and convenient installation of the solar mounting profiles is possible!

Hanger Bolts

Our socket base enables particularly simple and convenient installation with hanger bolts. After attaching the hanger bolt with integrated base, the mounting rail can be placed, aligned, and fastened without slipping. For fastening, a hex socket head screw M8x20 is screwed into the screw channel of the Mounting Rails from the front.

Only three parts and you are ready!

Standing Seam Clamps

Connectors for Roof Attachments


Screws & Accessoires

Wall Mounting System

Energy-efficient facades that also meet the highest architectural and aesthetic requirements are becoming increasingly popular. With the ATP Solar Mountings wall mounting system, photovoltaic and solar modules can be integrated into the facade design. Photovoltaic or solar modules are attached to wall spacers using the Mounting Rail Direct and L-profiles. The wall spacers are supplied with integrated thermal separation and leave room for generous insulation and ventilation. Our photovoltaic wall mounting system provides for seamless integration into a curtain wall, ventilated facade, or can specifically highlight photovoltaic modules as design facade elements.

The wall mounting system for solar and photovoltaic systems is part of our standard product range.