System Features | Roof Hook with Cross Bracing

If the structural engineering does not allow for regular mounting of a photovoltaic system, for example due to high load requirements from snow loads or the nature of the roof substructure, a cross connector can be used.

Our cross connector is delivered pre-assembled and can be screwed into the groove of the mounting rails. The cross connector is compatible with all mounting rails.

Assembly Systematics

The assembly of the ATP Solar Mountings solar mounting system is always done in three simple steps!

We have placed value on a simple, fast, and convenient installation in the development of our solar mounting system. Therefore, the assembly methodology of the ATP Solar Mountings solar mounting system always follows the same simple logic.

Installing the roof attachments

Attaching the Mounting Rails

Installing the PV-Modules

Whenever possible, the components are pre-assembled. 

Assembly Instructions

Please consider all important information and safety instructions when installing your PV substructure.

Planning the PV Substructure

What mounting material is required for the installation of your PV system? With our calculator, planning photovoltaic systems is easy and straightforward!