ATP Solar Mountings Solar Calculator

Plan a PV System

Dieses Bild zeigt den ATP Solar Mountings Solar Kalkulator.

What mounting material is required for the installation of your PV system? How much mounting material is needed? And how much wind and snow load do the roof and PV system endure?

With the ATP Solar Calculator, you can easily plan your photovoltaic system in just a few minutes.

The calculator considers the construction of the building and roof, wind and snow loads, the orientation and shading of the system, as well as the PV modules and inverters used.

Based on this information, you will receive a comprehensive project report with a layout plan and shading analysis, a material list, and exportable CAD plans. The calculated results are based on the chosen configuration of the mounting system and the underlying normative static calculations.

All common PV modules can be incorporated into the planning, and should your modules not be included in the database, you can also add your individual modules.

Plan your PV System

Planning a photovoltaic system is a breeze with our calculator! Nonetheless, we are happy to take care of the planning of the mounting system for your photovoltaic installation!

We plan

You send us a project description – for example, the completed questionnaire and a sketch.

We provide you with a planning proposal.

You plan

No big deal: Plan the photovoltaic substructure yourself.

You receive access to the calculator. We show you how the calculator works.

You plan your pv-systems easily on your own!

Checklist for planning the PV Mounting System

Use the checklist to plan your PV projects.