System Features | Hanger bolt Mounting Rail Horizontal module alignment

It takes only three steps to a perfectly assembled photovoltaic system on corrugated fiber cement roofing: First, the hanger bolts are set. Then, the pre-mounted socket bases are aligned, and the mounting rails are attached. Finally, the photovoltaic modules are attached using the Click In clamps.

The geometry of the socket base fits our Eco, Medium and Large mounting rails – all mounting rails with screw channel. The bridges of the socket base hold the mounting rail during assembly even without a screw and thus help with alignment.

Flexibly Configurable

Photovoltaic modules can be aligned horizontally or vertically when mounted with hanger bolts. Installation with cross bracing is just as simple.

More Hanger Bolts

Hanger bolts for steel substructures and special configurations are available on request.


Die Montage des ATP Solar Mountings Solarmontagesystems folgt immer der gleichen einfachen Logik:

1. Montage der Dachanbindung

2. Anbringen der Montageschienen

3. Befestigung der PV-Module