Hangerbolts with Socket Base | System Characteristics

The vertical position of the socket base above the hanger bolt ensures easy alignment of the mounting rails

The geometry of the basic base is suitable for all mounting rails with screw channel – Mounting Rail Eco, Mounting Rail Medium and Mounting Rail Large. The bridges of the socket base hold the mounting rail during assembly even without a screw and thus help with alignment. The vertical position above the hangerbolt helps to align the mounting rails.

Flexibly Configurable

The mounting rails can be aligned horizontally and vertically to the rafters during installation with hangerbolts. The photovoltaic modules can be positioned accordingly.

If required, for example due to the structrual necessity or rafter position it is possible to install a two-layer cross-braced system. The required cross connectors are supplied pre-assembled with twist-in hammer head nut.

Hangerbolts for Wood and Steel Substructures

We supply hangerbolts for wooden substructures and steel substructures for photovoltaic installation as standard.

All hangerbolts are delivered with a pre-assembled socket base.

Hangerbolt for rafters or wooden substructures

Hangerbolts for Steel Substructures

Ideal installation of photovoltaic systems on corrugated fiber cement and corrugated sheet metal!

Assembly Systematics

The assembly of the ATP Solar Mountings solar mounting system is always done in three simple steps!

We have placed value on a simple, fast, and convenient installation in the development of our solar mounting system. Therefore, the assembly methodology of the ATP Solar Mountings solar mounting system always follows the same simple logic.

Installing the roof attachments

Attaching the Mounting Rails

Installing the PV-Modules

Whenever possible, the components are pre-assembled. 

Assembly Instructions

Please consider all important information and safety instructions when installing your PV substructure.

Planning the PV Substructure

What mounting material is required for the installation of your PV system? With our calculator, planning photovoltaic systems is easy and straightforward!