Sustainable Aluminium

Sustainability is a major concern for us! Therefore, we rely on a sustainable aluminum alloy with reduced CO2 footprint equivalent for our solar mounting profiles. All solar profiles are manufactured with a CO2 footprint equivalent of a maximum of 4 kg per kg of aluminum. This corresponds to about a quarter of the emissions of comparable aluminum profiles on average worldwide and significantly less than average European profiles!

We achieve the CO2 equivalent of 4 kg per kg of aluminum profiles with two steps:

  1. For our sustainable aluminium, we extensively use sustainable energies such as solar energy or hydropower in all production steps.
  2. Our sustainable aluminum consists of a high percentage of recycled aluminum. Up to 80% of our raw material is recycled material – and because aluminum is excellently recyclable, it does not lose quality! Only 5% of the energy compared to new aluminum is required when using recycled material. Thus, recycling significantly improves the ecological footprint. Thus, recycling significantly improves the ecological footprint of our finished profiles.

We are constantly trying to improve our products – also from an ecological point of view!

We are happy to provide our partners with a confirmation of the use of our low-emission material upon request.

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