Aluminium – The Sustainable Metal

We are an active partner for sustainable solutions made from extruded aluminum. For more than two years, at ALU TP GmbH – and thus ATP Solar Mountings – we have been using an aluminum alloy with reduced CO2-equivalent emissions.

4kg CO2-Equivalent

Sustainability is a major concern for us! Therefore, we rely on sustainable aluminum with a reduced CO2 footprint equivalent for our solar mounting profiles. All mounting rails are made from an aluminum alloy with a CO2 footprint equivalent of maximum 4 kg per kg of aluminum.

This corresponds to only about a quarter of the emissions of comparable aluminum profiles on a global average and significantly less than with average European profiles.


Aluminum is an excellently recyclable raw material that retains its first-class mechanical and chemical properties in the recycling process. Aluminum can be recycled almost endlessly without loss of quality.

Up to 80% of our raw material is recycled material. Compared to the production of primary aluminum, the production of aluminum from recycled material requires only 5% of the energy.

Energy Usage

For our sustainable aluminum, we extensively use renewable energies such as solar energy or hydropower in all production steps. This also contributes to emission reduction.

Natürlicher Fluss - der Ursprung von Hydroenergie

Secondary aluminum significantly improves the ecological footprint of aluminum products.