Pitched Roof Solar Mounting System

The flexible & sturdy solution

ATP Solar Mountings offers a comprehensive solar mounting system for your pitched roof installation. No matter whether an economical installation based on the lightweight Mounting Rail Eco or a high-strengths solution for projects with high wind and snow loads with cross bracing is necessary, the ATP Solar Mountings system offers a suitable solution for your project!

Good reasons for the ATP Solar Mountings solar racking system

Comfortable installation

Roof hooks, hanger bolts, and standing seam clamps can be screwed directly into the screw channel of our mounting rails. This innovative construction not only makes the installation flexible but also reduces the number of required small parts.

Independently tested statics

We prioritize safety. Therefore, the statics of our ATP Solar Mountings solar mounting system have been independently tested by third parties. The calculations are done according to the Eurocode and form the reliable basis of our solar calculator. Every project can be planned with safety and precision!

Systematic combination

The combination of a few carefully selected components enables the realization of all common pitched roof installations.

Mounting Rail with Screw Channel

Two symmetrical bridges, in combination with our special clamping geometry, enable an especially strong connection as well as superior pull out strength of the screw channel!

Module clamps are clicked into the t-slot.

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We support you with the right photovoltaic mounting system

Whether you want a straightforward photovoltaic installation based on the Eco mounting rail, an economical setup with hanger bolts, or a system in the Alps dealing with heavy snow loads – we have the suitable solar mounting system for you!

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Time-saving installation thanks to precisely fitting replacement tiles.

The integrated roof hook is designed for the highest load capacities.

Aluminium Roof Hooks

Versatile, freely adjustable, designed for high loads, durable.

The extruded aluminum roof hooks from ATP Solar Mountings.

Stainless Steel Roof Hooks

Versatile, adjustable stainless steel roof hooks for all roof coverings.

Stainless Steel Roof Hook Front Connection

Components – Highlights

Mounting Rail DF

The flexible mounting rail with two mounting options for roof hooks

Aluminium Roof Hook AVEE40

Aluminum roof hooks with free height and lateral adjustment for high snow loads.

Mounting Rails

Our Mounting Rails guarantee an easy and quick installation with the integrated screw channel. The mounting point is always easily accessible from above or the front.

Solutions for trapezoidal sheet metal roofing and standing seam roofs

Highly economical and innovative solar mounting solutions for metal roof coverings.

Hanger Bolts and Solar Fasteners

Hanger Bolts and Solar Fasteners for Wood and Metal Subconstructions Hanger bolts can be installed in a cross bond and single layer – always pre-assembled with the practical base plate.

Hanger Bolt Mounting Rail with Cross Bracing

Wall Mounted Systems

Deviating from pitched roof installations, thanks to a combination of wall spacers, L-profiles and some metal screws, the Mounting Rail Direct can be used to integrate solar panels into architecturally pleasing façades.

ATP Solar Mountings in brief



The unique screw channel of the mounting rail allows highly flexible connections to roof hooks and cross connectors.

Fast Installation

Fast Installation

Many pre-assembled components such as hanger bolts and roof hooks ensure fast and cost-effective installation.



Our system is highly standardized, requiring only few parts and tools, making for a comfortable installation!