Product Novelties

Take a look at our innovative product innovations: the optimized aluminum roof hooks and cost-effective Mounting Rail Bridges. We’ve worked extensively on our product lineup to provide you with even simpler, safer, and more efficient PV installations!

  • Gehört zu unseren innovativsten Produktneuheiten: Der dreifach einstellbare Aludachhaken AVEE24

Our new aluminium roof hooks

Superior in every way

Our aluminum roof hooks are our specialty. This is why we have improved them further to facilitate your PV installations.

The new version of our aluminum roof hooks offers free sideways adjustability and carries even higher loads! They come in three versions to fit every roof batten size up to 61 mm in height.

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Mounting Rail Direct Bridges

Leading cost effectiveness

Our Mounting Rail Direct bridges set standards in terms of cost efficiency for installations on metal roofs, whether you want to mount PV modules on a small garage or a large industrial hall.

No matter whether you would like install PV modules on a small garage or a large warehouse!

Further new products from ATP Solar Mountings:

Triple-adjustable Stainless Steel Roof Hooks

Your comprehensively adjustable alternative made of high-quality stainless steel.

Hanger Bolts for Steel Substructures

Available with and without our practical socket base pre-assembled.